Six of WandsVictory

This card depicts a ruler riding a horse. The man solemnly enters the city, in his hand, he is holding a wand and this wand is decorated with a laurel wreath, as well he has the same laurel wreath on his head. He looks like a winner as he passes by his people, who are greeting him, holding flowers, flags, and, sometimes, similar wands. This is Triumphant. The man has achieved his goal, brilliantly accomplished the most difficult tasks. This card portends the success of the business that has been started: you have already done so much, suffered so many difficulties, have traveled most of the way – so do not lose your motivation because the victory is already close.

In practice, this card means success beyond all expectations. And even in an inverted form it retains the same meaning, with only one difference – the success can come a bit later than expected or it will not come to you.

The Six of Wands tells that all persevering efforts will be rewarded. However, a person should try not to be too conceited for too long and do not look down on others – learn to accept the contributions of others who are willing to support your work and ideas. Appreciate your friends.

Explanation: The victory is assured. Your efforts will bring success, which is why you have to continue to persevere in your business because in the end you will win. You probably have a powerful leader potential. Number Six also symbolizes reconciliation, so it is obvious that your relationship will improve and reflect this ability to balance.

Main meanings: You will rise above your problems and victory is yours. You have put in the work and now will reap the rewards. Promotion, bonus, reward.  You may be congratulated by others for your achievements. Can indicate success in exams. Being confident about life.

The meaning of the inverted card:  Expect bad news – perhaps the competitor will be the winner at your expense, your success is postponed or suppressed, and what you were striving for, begins to fall apart.

The Six of Wands is a card of victory, success, glory and “national recognition”. It also symbolizes joy and satisfaction. To be quite accurate, it is the publication of success, the proclamation of victory, so in ordinary life it can mean just good news, without any pomp and parade. As a rule, this card shows that our work and our efforts will result with success, sometimes even an unexpected (undeserved) success.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


This card says that you can count on success and recognition in our work. Your work will be rewarded and will not be wasted. It is a period of success for you and this success is not an ordinary scale, it is the highest score for a brilliantly passed exam, an ovation for a public speech, etc. This card falls to the winner of the election, a popular actor, in general to a person experiencing something joyous and interesting, but speaking about things common and mundane – to someone being promoted at work.


Your quest for clarity and meaning in some problem will succeed. This can mean a release from the tiresome thoughts and worries, which you have been waiting for, or a period of recovery, giving self-confidence that you have never experienced before. Hence another meaning: a change in consciousness, the replacement of the “psychology of a loser” by the psychology of the winner.

Personal Relationships

Here, this winner card means that you are going to have exciting, joyful experiences: the beginning of a new, wonderful union or the ascent to the heights of happiness in an alliance that already exists. This card also shows that you will be able to resolve some long-standing problem related to some person or your partnership relationship. On a domestic level, it can mean good news or a call that you may have been waiting for.