Short description: courage, patience, moral force, faith, self-confidence.

Astrological utensils: Leo

Number: 11

This Arcana shows a woman and a lion. The woman is dressed in a light white dress, with a belt formed with flowers, and she has a wreath of flowers on her head and a sign of infinity over her head. The woman is playing with a lion, who although all four his paws firmly rest against the ground, recognizing her superiority, pinched his tail.

This card represents strength. However, this strength is soft and feminine. It is the woman who helps the lion to really feel like a lion and although this Arcana depicts two opposites, they exist separately, not merging with each other, but retaining their original nature.

This card tells us that courage and perseverance will help us to cope with problems and that the power of love and intuition is stronger, and even more lasting than hatred, brute force and enmity. What does it mean? Pulling this card out of the deck means that you have overcome the fears that you had in the past and now you are ready to collect all your strength and energy for the next phase of your life journey. However, this may also mean that, although you have already achieved much in the past due to your persistence and determination, in the future, however, you too can succeed, while spending less effort if you bring more love and care to everyday affairs.

What is the meaning of an inverted card? If inverted, this Arcana displays that you are able to demonstrate masterful proficiency over secular and material matters but you lack the love and intuition in your relationships with others. You can not cope with the situation. While your personal and emotional affairs are in a state of conflict as you have lost a sight of the spiritual side of life.

What other meanings to be aware of? This card is a symbol of courage, inner strength, and hope. The ability to overcome future obstacles and have the courage and resolution to cope with all of them in order to reach your goals. The Strength is also about confronting one’s own ego and pride, and having the courage, strength and discipline to do so. Recognizing that spiritual help is at hand. A tactful, diplomatic approach leads to success. Patience and gentle coaxing is better than screaming and shouting.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


This card means that we give all our efforts and work “not for fear, but for conscience”. When we are in a good physical shape, we start to work with courage and enthusiasm, and, having achieved success, we are happy to find that we have only gained more strength; thus, it corresponds to the period of the highest creative enthusiasm, the ardent desire to work, and thus, joy and success.


At this level, the Strength indicates significant changes. This can be understood by the alchemical symbols depicted on it. A red lion in alchemy is a symbol of means by which various lower substances are converted into gold. Besides, a picture of a lion together with a human means that we have a specific task that has to be solved: not to reject and not suppress the forces, so often called “lower instincts”, but to “remove” the enmity between our civilized consciousness and animal nature. Moreover, it means to “remove” it in a threefold sense: 1) to remove this enmity as a problem from the agenda; 2) “remove” these forces in the sense of “hiring” them, making them your workers; and, 3) as dialectics teaches, to “remove” them as opposites at this level, to transfer them to a different, higher one, where they stop fighting each other, and unite into a new, irresistible force.

Love and Relationships

First of all, this is passion. It manifests itself in a relationship characterized by vivacity, hot temperament, and sometimes, dramatic skirmishes. Such unions are an inexhaustible source of energy and strength that are necessary for us in everyday life, although there are times when these skirmishes have tragic consequences.

Other interpretations

  • Astrological correspondences: the Lion and the Sun.
  • Kabbalistic meaning: strength.
  • Occult meaning: a tightly clenched fist.
  • Physical meaning: human strength.
  • Places: Parliament; places connected with power, police station; military headquarters.