Short description: moderation, peace, compromise, blending, patience.

Astrological utensils: Sagittarius

Number: 14

This card shows a woman with red wings, who is standing in the lake and has two jugs in her hands, and she pours water from one to the other, which symbolizes the eternal cycle of energy in the universe. The woman has two wings behind her shoulders. On the chest is an ornament in the form of a triangle enclosed in a square: a symbol of the spirit concealed in matter.

The woman has no shadow. She has passed the realm of shadows, leaving behind her body, her shadow, and her past and now she is concentrating before the flight into the future, gathering with forces that are few, but enough to get to the goal – to the realm of light and sun. The river before which she stands is one of the rivers of the underworld, but not the river of oblivion, but the Styx, on whose waters the Greek gods swore. This gives her hope.

The Temperance is the last card of the second semester, also meaning the end of one life stage and the fast start of the next one.

What does it mean? This card represents balance, coordination and the ability to live and work in harmony with others and pulling it out of the deck means that you possess these qualities. Your attitude towards life reflects a strong sense of personal integrity and the ability to control emotional and intellectual qualities when communicating with other people. In your personal and business spheres, everything is stable and balanced. You are calm and happy with life. However, it is important that you retain this feeling of calmness and stability, which means that you have to be patient, exploring new opportunities, and making savings for the future.

An inverted card means that your personal and business interests compete with each other. You feel emotional instability. At the moment, your decisions fail you, and your creative energy is dissipated – therefore, it recommends you to stop for a minute and, before moving on to something new, re-evaluate the key aspects of your life.

What are the other meanings? Patience, self control and calm. Foretells peace & harmony. If you have been going through rocky times of late, you will soon be feeling calmer and coping better. Harmony, health and healing in all aspects of life. Don’t overdo things. Concentrate on the basics at work and play, do things in moderation. Put your feet up and have a rest. Ability to combine spiritual knowledge and understanding to temper behavior. Renewal of a relationship. Can signify travel, learning or teaching. Moderation is the key to contentment.  Avoid extremes.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


Here it means that, first of all, you need to approach your work in a balanced and kindly manner; it takes a friendly, harmonious atmosphere in the group, and a normal rhythm that can not be adjusted by anyone and anywhere that allows you to act “with feeling, with sense, with alignment”. Then all the tasks can be done calmly and without tension. And this does not mean laziness or weakness. On the contrary: this is the very peace of mind that allows you to act quickly, efficiently and purposefully.


At the level of consciousness, this Arcana means a harmonious union of spirit, soul and body, which means that you have, first of all, to agree with yourself, to enter into resonance with the Cosmos, to find peace in the soul, to love yourself. It also asks to forget about careerism, competition, and self-esteem. Having realized and felt this, you will acquire the ability to restore peace and rest, without any ambition, to help others find their happiness and serve them as a worthy role model.

Love and Relationships

This card symbolizes a period of peaceful, happy unity of souls, friendship, trust and reciprocity. This is possible only with complete peace of mind. And it, in turn, can be achieved only when your main goal will be not success in the external world (at work, in politics, and all other spheres), but the subtlety and warmth of relations with each other; and it also may indicate the a new acquaintance or connection that is waiting for you in the nearest future.

Other interpretations

  • Astrological correspondences: Libra and Sagittarius, Jupiter and Venus. Pluto as a sign of dark power.
  • Kabbalistic meaning: moderation.
  • Occult meaning: moderation.
  • Physical meaning: a child.
  • Places: large farm; beautifully furnished house; your own house; estate; prosperous firm.