Ten of CupsHarmony in personal relationships

In the picture, we see a happy couple that raises their hands to the rainbow adorned with ten cups, and we can also see two kids who are playing right next to a couple. However, in some decks kids are not depicted on this card.

The card symbolizes family happiness, peace, friendship and love. This is not the happiness that has been earned through the hard work of all family members, it is also not a reward for the things that you have suffered through together – the happiness was given to you by the fate. If you pull out this card from the deck, it indicates that your family life is full of joy and happiness, that you are blessed to have a wonderful relationships – you just need to raise your eyes to see a bright rainbow (to understand that you already have everything you could wish for).

When answering a question about the success of a case, it usually means a collective success, not individual success.

Tip: The number Ten means perfection and completeness, but it can also mean the beginning of some new cycle. Recognize the work that you and the people around you have done so that now you feel joy and self-satisfaction, but remain open to new opportunities so that your happiness does not stop.

Explanation: The number ten symbolizes perfection. This card represents a happy family life and long-lasting happiness, although here satisfaction (joy) stems not only from material success and emotional calmness, but also from spiritual achievements, for the goblets are located in the sky. This card symbolizes the highest phase of your personal relationships and shows that you feel harmony in all areas of your life. Your personal hopes and dreams have come true.

Main meanings: The card of home and family, harmony, peace and happiness.  Domestic harmony. Contentment within a family or work situation or both of these. Working together, sharing, equality, giving and receiving. Although committed to each other in a relationship there is still freedom for separate interests and friends outside of this relationship.  Indication of marriage especially if backed up by The Lovers. A birth in the family is possible. Counting your blessings.

The meaning of the inverted card: It can be betrayal, family quarrels, sadness and misunderstanding between children and their parents.

This card expresses the highest harmony and deep, beneficial love. It shows that we are confident in ourselves and in the future, we know that our feelings are deep and pure, and we are free from any illusions or self-deception. It means peace of mind, good-neighborliness, love and joy in communicating with others, true happiness and a feeling of deep gratitude in the family or in partnership.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


Excellent relations between colleagues, well-played team. Homeliness, courtesy and affability in relations with superiors, subordinates, teachers, comrades. New interesting contacts that contribute to our professional growth.


Here the Ten of Cups means peace in the soul, when we are open to creative inspiration and forget about the former gloomy, destructive or tormenting thoughts. Their place is taken by a feeling of joy and ease. At a deeper level, the card can symbolize genuine philanthropy.

Personal Relationships

Feeling of security. The period when old grievances and difficulties are forgotten, crises are smoothed, internal barriers are overcome, and in their place come joy, gratitude and tranquility. In partnership, this means the onset of a better stage, when love, trust and the best feelings prevail. Often a card means the beginning of a new long-term acquaintance, and even a wedding.