Ten of PentaclesMaterial abundance

This card depicts a gray-haired man who is wearing a beautiful robe. This is a patriarch, who is sitting in a garden near the castle, and there are two dogs sitting at his feet, and he is watching the two people who do not notice him. These two people, a woman and a man, are a family (sometimes, you can also see a child standing next to them). This picture is a symbol of a family, cohesion, based on a long tradition. The ten pentacles decorate the picture.

This is a picture that depicts a person who finally finds peace. He understands what young people do not know yet: life is just a game. It can be won or lost, but in fact, it does not matter if you are a winner or loser because only the wise can abandon the game and return to himself, to his original home. However, wisdom only comes with the years.

The interpretation of this card is the success of the conceived business, although the path to success is long and difficult, and a sense of peace and happiness after its completion. Good relations between parents and children. It recommends those who have achieved success in the material plane, one must strive for higher spiritual spheres. This card embodies the culmination of our present worldly existence and emergence into new areas of spiritual consciousness.

An inverted card also stands for a success. However, the path to it can be so long that the inquirer does not see it. It is up to him to decide whether to deal with this situation or not. Good relations between parents and children are possible, but so far, they are not being implemented, something is interfering.

Explanation: In some sense, this card symbolizes material prosperity, prestige and family stability. Having pulled it out, you can be assured of the prosperity and security of your personal affairs, as well as rejoice at the newly acquired recognition of your merits in your chosen field of activity. However, the presence of this card in the form of the Tree of Life reminds us that we are members of not only individual families, but also a community of spiritual seekers. It is important that in our everyday life we ​​aspire not only to material prosperity, but also to spiritual self-realization. The Ten of Pentacles shows that long-term prosperity is based on spiritual wisdom and understanding.

Main meanings: A period of security, contentment and wealth. Family and family gatherings – passing on family traditions.  Can suggest receiving an inheritance. Suggests the need to make provisions for the family ie making a will, or investments, or business which will benefit the family. Good energies in relation to moving house or putting extensions onto a present house. If you are involved in a legal case than the 10 of Pentacles with 6 of Pentacles in the same spread can suggest a payout in your favor.  If the 10 of Pentacles appears with 2 other 10’s then the signing of contracts is likely. Creating a lasting foundation.

The meaning of the inverted card: An inverted card predicts certain family troubles or, possibly, loss of honor or prestige.

The Ten of Pentacles denotes a period of wealth, stability, fullness of life and confidence in the future. At the same time, wealth and completeness can manifest themselves both in the outer and inner sense. However, to achieve inner fullness, you need to keep your eyes open all the time. Thus, the card warns that being engaged in any business and other important activities, one should not forget about the affairs of the soul, about the everyday life. Behind the life, at first glance so gray, you need to be able to see the miracles that it conceals in itself.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


This card says that you should take a closer look at the current and already a little boring work in order to open in it something new and interesting for yourself. This can enrich you with experience. This card shows the stability of your position at work, interesting assignments, good salary, successful transactions, success in both material affairs and spiritual development.


Wealth of thoughts. The stream of thoughts and related discoveries expand our horizons. Separate, long-known facts are, finally, like a mosaic in a holistic picture, becoming the basis for our further actions; now we realize what wealth we own.

Personal Relationships

In this sphere, this card portends a beautiful period, during which the smallest details of our relationship with a partner begin to sparkle with new amazing facets. It is here that our inner wealth begins to play a key role: we notice the slightest manifestations of attention and self-love, which formerly were lost behind the veil of habit or the bustle of everyday life.