Ten of SwordsIrrevocable ending

A man lies on the river bank with his face down. It looks like he is dead because ten swords are sticking out from his back, resembling grave crosses. The dark and gloomy sky above heightens the sense of tragedy. The fingers of the dead man’s right hand touch in a ritual gesture, implying completeness, while the river is already shining, which means that a new day is coming.

This card symbolizes despair, a situation where everything goes worse than we expected, and it seems that the enlightenment will never come. However, the meaning of the card is more optimistic. The Ten of Swords, which is the last card of a number in the suit of swords, meaning that the new suit begins suit, therefore, it indicates the beginning of a new period of life. Now it is useless to get frustrated. You can’t fix the past mistakes or decision, which is why the best decision is to accept your past, stop focusing on it, get some rest, and finally get ready to a new stage in your life.

Explanation: Although at first it seems that this card implies a violent death, it most likely speaks of a huge and deep loss. If you draw this card, you can feel that everything is lost – at work or in personal relationships. Perhaps, the hatred and aggression that you are experiencing from other people, overwhelms you or your business plans do not lead to anything. There is another explanation, which may be related to your personal relationships. Probably, some part of you has died and now you are opening for something new and inspiring. The number Ten means completion, but symbolically death leads to rebirth, which means that your lower, controlled ego, has to die so that your higher self could open for spiritual awakening.

Main meanings: The end of a situation. Something in your life is over and acceptance of this will allow new things to replace what has gone. Change is difficult, but we do cope, and come through the experience more positive and capable. The sun is rising on the horizon with the hope of new and better things to come. Stabbed in the back, feeling like a doormat, at your lowest ebb.

The meaning of the inverted card: Improving health, great personal success and prosperity.

Like the card of Death, the Ten of Swords symbolizes the completion, the end of something, the disengagement. The difference is that Death means the natural end, and the Ten of Swords is an artificial, sometimes violent end and, although such an end is often accompanied by severe, painful experiences, this is not necessarily so. Such a multitude of swords symbolizes the mighty power of the mind that has decided to “draw a line” under something. It could be important, enriching experiences, but there could be unpleasant situations, bad habits, or a difficult, unfavorable period in life. Anyway, it’s a bitter moment of parting with someone or something. What kind of sensation arises in this case, tragic loss or relief, as after a surgical operation, can be determined only by context.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


Decisive, even abrupt termination of work, resignation, separation from previous activities. In practice, this is the most common care and transition to a new occupation. Less often – small changes, for example, the transition to another job within the same firm or a sudden cancellation of the previous job.


Here this card most often means that we “draw a line” under our past, straining for this all our mind and will. It can be both separate representations and beliefs, and the world outlook in general. However, some element of artificiality inherent in this card always serves as a warning: whether we are quick with our decision, whether we are refusing something really important, whether we pass by a valuable life lesson, resisting it only because it contradicts our former views.

Personal Relationships

In this sphere, the Ten of Swords turns into the most dangerous, crisis side. It can also point to the rupture of some really unnecessary, bad connections, but more often it means that we use all the power of the mind to suppress our feelings by digging ourselves a hole and giving up something extremely valuable, at the risk of destroying the good human relations.