Ten of WandsThe weight of ambition

The card shows a strong, young man, who is holding a heavy bundle of ten flowering wands right in front of him and thus, they do not let him to see the road. However, leaning forward, he stubbornly steps to his house. Number 10 symbolizes perfection through completion. This card means a person who has taken on too much – a responsibility that is beyond his power or obligations that he is unable to fulfill. Instead of stepping on with this burden, he needs to stop, drop at least a part of it and look around and ask himself: where did he go and whether to carry all this load further?

This card often falls out to businessmen or workaholics. People who work too much often see it. It warns that a person should immediately give himself at least some rest or, otherwise, he will have a health disorder or a failure in all matters. As a forecast, it means that it is better not to undertake a planned business, because now it is barely possible to complete on your own. In an inverted form, it indicates that failure has already occurred, a person “broke” and paid for it with health or luck.

There is another important advice. Regardless of the burden that you alone carry in life, there are times when it is useful to seek advice and help from other people whom you trust. When your personal difficulties seem unbearable, reassess your life in order to make sure that you are still on the right track.

Explanation: Your determination will pay off, as you laid the foundation for the next step in your life journey, but you feel that your current load is too difficult for you – either physically or emotionally. You experience a lot of pressure and feel a lot of changes that have reached the critical stage. Number 10 symbolizes the end and the beginning. Therefore, it can be a final phase of your last cycle and probability of occurrence of new, fresh possibilities. Perhaps you should ask yourself whether you like carrying a burden of heavy responsibility or firm convictions; perhaps this is the ideal time to accept the help and advice of other people whose opinions you value.

Main meanings: Over burdened. The burdens of success. Responsibilities and life’s pressures are weighing heavily on you. You feel like you are running around and getting nowhere. It is time to lighten your load, either by delegating some of this load or by cutting back on some of your commitments. Be careful of over concern for others at this time. Being used by others.

The meaning of the inverted card: Your talents and skills are used incorrectly. You apply your strength and creative energy for selfish purposes and are inclined to unfairly shift the burden of responsibility onto other people.

The Ten of Wands is a card of a gloomy mood, showing that we expected too much, and now all our bright prospects have disappeared like smoke. Maybe we ourselves have worked out somewhere badly and now we are clearing it up. Sometimes this card also means that on the way of our development we have jumped through several steps at once and now we feel like first-graders who fell right into the fifth class. New incomprehensible tasks hang heavy with a millstone around the neck. So it is quite possible that now we will be disgraced. It takes time to get used to, time and patience, and then the tasks will cease to seem incomprehensible, and the gloomy mood will pass, and we will finally occupy the proper place for us.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


Stress, overload or too much responsibility that we got at work. Often this is the result of a rapid elevation that made us take on responsibilities that we still had no idea about. It is important to concentrate and gather with strength. This card can also mean the unloved work that we have to do for a while, the long search for work through the employment office, or the difficult tests that make us feel horrified.


The Ten of Wands shows that we are tormented by doubts and thoughts about difficult problems. We are ruled by fatigue, overwork, and gloomy mood. The best way to overcome this period is to abstract from it, take a break or go on a long-deserved vacation.

Personal Relationships

Most likely, this card means that you have long been suffering from loneliness and do not see a way out of this situation or that you have a partner, but you are facing big problems in your relationships. In such a period it is better to give yourself a break, take a vacation, leave – or, if this is not possible, carefully monitor yourself, so as not to let yourself destroy what is still good in your relationship.