The Chariot

Short description: will power, control, self-assertion, single mindedness.

Astrological utensils: Cancer

Number: 7

The image showed on this card displays a man, who sits in a chariot. Behind a man, we can see a castle. On his head, there is a crown with a star, in his right hand, he holds a scepter, and his chariot is harnessed with two sphinxes – black and white.

The Chariot is the last card of the first seven of the Major Arcana. It is usually associated with the end of a previous life and the old path, and the beginning of something new – the chariot is harnessed and ready to go off again, towards new goals.

The Chariot symbolizes a strong and goal-oriented person. His breast is protected by a shell, while his hands in gloves firmly tighten the reins. In some versions, the man’s chariot is harnessed with four sacred beings – a bull, lion, eagle, and angel, while in others we can see two sphinxes, one black and sad, the other one is white and joyful. The man pictured on the image is a person who has gained all the necessary experience – he is ready to start his path, intending to occupy a proper place in society – and he will likely succeed because he has a strong will. He believes that feelings must now give way to reason. However, he does not yet know that this stretch of the road will one day be passed, and everything will be repeated at first, though at a different level.

What does it mean? This card symbolizes success or victory, obtained through persistent labor or diligence. The Chariot embodies self-discipline and clear thinking – he can assess the situation, take a key (important) decision, and then move in a correct direction. If you draw this card out of the deck, you will most likely be able to cope with the illness and any other obstacles that are currently hampering your progress, in addition, you will be successful in any financial activities that you carry out in the current period. The inverted card, on the contrary, means that you use your talents and energy incorrectly – your life lacks balance and self-control, while you act unethically or irresponsibly. You may have health problems.

What other meanings can be distinguished? A time of major effort and hard work, which could be associated with a struggle and accompanied by the view that it will, all pay off in the end. Need for hard work, patience and endurance but the outcome will be good. Controlling a situation through strength of your personality and will. The ability to keep a clear mind on emotional matters. Possible travel in relation to work. Forge ahead. Do not give up.
Concentrate on your present objectives.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


The Chariot shows that you managed to make a big step forward, perhaps even the very step to independence that we have been dreaming about for so long. It tells of a person’s desire to reach success, of perseverance and courage, of willingness to act and of taking risks. Therefore, it can mean both a confident entry into a new field, and the assumption of larger tasks and a higher responsibility. It opens us the door to success. However, it warns against abuse and reassessment of one’s own strength.


Young, but already quite powerful self-awareness, liberation from the yoke of other people’s opinions and ideas, the construction of your own, worthy picture of the world, as well as the readiness to bravely tackle the most difficult problems.

Love and Relationships

The Chariot can also indicate the beginning of a new relationship, as well as an impulsive, thoughtless step outside the previous interests or relationships. However, it can also mean a “fresh wind” within the framework of the old relationship that can remove the accumulated fatigue, routine, breathing new life into it.

Other interpretations

  • Astrological correspondences: Aquarius and Uranus. Jupiter / Mars as the ability to judge and Venus in Libra, as a symbol of honesty, justice and poise.
  • Kabbalistic meaning: the suffering soul.
  • Occult meaning: an arrow that flies horizontally.
  • Physical meaning: property.
  • Places: monuments; stations; airports; various types of vehicles; barracks and military units.