The Devil

Short description: addictions, materialism, limitations, bondage, ties.

Astrological utensils: Capricorn

Number: 15

In the center of the card, we can see the devil, he sits on a stone, and we also can see two people – a man and a woman (Adam and Eve) who are chained to this stone. The people’s poses and faces do not show suffering. On the contrary, they look even satisfied with their fate.

This card always depicts an evil genius – a demon, a devil, huge, tailed, with wings like a bat, who often has an inverted pentagram (a five-pointed star, which is considered as a sign of evil, although this is just a sign of the limitations of our knowledge) between his horns. In his hand, he is holding a torch.

This card opens the third semester of the Major Arcana. It corresponds to the zodiacal sign of Capricorn, which is not opposed to the Twins in the heavenly vault, meaning more constructive interaction and a creative union than confrontation. The Devil symbolizes “temptations” – drives, which are often forgotten intentionally or the ones that people simply do not want to recognize, which is when these temptations show up in the most unexpected way. The only way to deal with this is not to avoid the “forbidden” but to accept it as it is.

What does it mean? This card indicates that at the moment you are concerned with mundane, material matters and, in addition, it may mean that you hold to some limited beliefs or values ​​that do not allow you to move forward. You are deterred by your fears and you do not trust your inner spiritual mentor. Perhaps you are prone to various temptations, manifestations of unethical behavior and inadequate use of force – you have become a victim of your vanity and pride.

What does an inverted card mean? It can mean that you have removed the obstacles that stood in your way, and now you can see what lies ahead, you coped with your emotional flaws and found your inner truth.

What are the other meanings? Entangled in obligations to other people and by your own beliefs and thoughts. Feeling a need to control life, limited view, feeling stuck or powerless over life.  Feeling tied down, against your will. If things are not falling into place, then we should look within for the answer. Be careful of any physical excesses of any kind, excessive materialism and overindulgence. More money may be at your disposal and you must be careful how this is being used. If any business partnerships are made think carefully before making a decision, as this partnership could be very restrictive.  When we live in the present moment we are able to move ahead. When we stop recreating the past with our actions and thoughts, we set ourselves free.  Look within for the answers. Recognize your own devils, face them and break free.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


Here the Devil shows that our moral strength, our convictions and good intentions are seriously tested, if not to tell that you have faced some serious temptations. It may be that you are invited to do something that contradicts our beliefs (weapons, drugs, environmental pollution, or anything else), and in case of refusal you can face some unpleasant consequences.


The Devil shows that you finally got to know your own shadow side quite closely. There were some events, as a result of which you have realized your dependence and lack of freedom. In rare cases, it is fanaticism, a thirst for power, an irresistible desire to kill someone or a mood like sadism or masochism. However, most often we are talking about things that are completely ordinary, which we are therefore ashamed of, that they are too primitive, and yet we can not get rid of them: chronic unreliability, unfounded lies, drunkenness, kleptomania, whatever.

Love and Relationships

Here the Devil shows his most attractive side. Significant promises, teasing flirting, sensual passion – that’s his bait but even here this card serves, first of all, as a warning: you are playing with fire! In addition, it, of course, points to all other deviations from true, cordial partnership, whether it is the strange antics of one or both partners, silent obedience or, conversely, screaming despotism, cruel lust or subtle mockery.

Other interpretations

  • Astrological correspondences: Scorpio and Pisces, Pluto and Neptune. Uranus / Saturn as a symbol of a burst.
  • Kabbalistic meaning: secret science, occultism.
  • Occult meaning: an arrow flying in a circle.
  • Physical meaning: physical life.
  • Places: cemeteries; mausoleums, suspicious dens; public houses; places of dubious entertainment; places for meetings of drug addicts.