The Empress

Short description: femininity, nurture, nature, birth, fertility.

Astrological utensils: Venus

Number: 3

On the image, we can see a young woman sitting on a throne in the middle of the wheat field, next to a river and forest. The Empress herself is dressed in a light dress. She has a crown made of twelve stars that symbolize twelve signs of the zodiac and in her right hand, she holds a scepter.

The Empress represents how two opposites, male and female, meet and coexist together, but the feminine side prevails in her: it is a woman that has already known love. At the same time, this card symbolizes fertility, physical, spiritual, and creative power, which has reached its realization. The Empress is powerful and feminine. Besides, this card introduces a hierarchy into the cards of the Major Arcana: The Empress rules her people, rewarding the worthiest and punishing the disobedient.

What is its meaning? This card stands for stability, harmony and prospects for growth and prosperity in all areas of your life. In addition, it symbolizes the fertility and likelihood of marriage. If you saw it, it means that you have reached the stage of significant personal achievements, meanwhile your peace and relationships with others are filled with joy and satisfaction. In terms of business, you enter a phase associated with good opportunities and positive results. You are satisfied with your life. However, an inverted card has a bit different meaning – you are engaged in an unproductive business and do not make the full use of your creative potential. You dissipate your creative energy so that it can end in disappointment or failure. At this stage of your life, it is important for you to avoid ostentatious luxury, wrong assessments, and temptation, instead, postpone serious business deals and think about them more carefully.

What other meanings does it have? It can also mean that it is the time when you can finally enjoy the results of your labor or that you are on the right track moving towards your goal. It is also a reminder to get back to nature ie spend some time out in the country relating to plants and animals or near the seashore. Nurturing and caring for others. A possibility to get pregnant in the next 12 months.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


This card points out to a period of the release of very powerful energies, creative growth, obtaining new non-trivial ideas, and, in general changes, innovations, growth and revitalization of activities. It can mean both future changes as well as those that have already occurred. These changes can occur in any form – a new job, new position, boss, business or any other change, but most important – these changes are usually for the best.


New knowledge and ideas. It is possible that you will not like them but it is a valuable experience that forces us to take a closer look at the habitual course of things that has seemed so familiar, to see that the old order should be replaced by a new one.

Love and Relationships

In this area, the Empress also points to changes and the birth of something new, whether it is a new family member or any other changes in the relations of the partners. In any case, they revitalize the routine and are inherently supportive. In addition, it can mean the onset of a new phase of maternal love or the field on which your new relationship ripens.

Other interpretations

  • Astrological correspondences: Taurus and Venus. Sun in Capricorn, personifying a sense of responsibility, order, structure, as well as security, consistency and perseverance.
  • Kabbalistic meaning: the need for adoration.
  • Occult meaning: hand.
  • Physical meaning: revival.
  • Places: places with large concentrations of people; royal palaces; festivals and other mass events of a similar nature.