Short description: beginning, innocence, spontaneity, carefree.

Astrological utensils: Uranus

Number: 0

This card holds a special position in the Tarot deck, because it is not assigned any number – its key value is Zero. Sometimes this card is placed at the beginning of the Major Arcana, sometimes at the end. The Fool embodies both the beginning and the completion of mystical searches.

This Arcana’s number is zero not without a reason. While all the other Major Arcana tell about the dependence of a person’s present and future from his own will, The Fool represents the power of karma (or fate).

In the image on this card we see a man, who is walking forward blindly, not seeing that there is an abyss right under his feet. We can also see a dog chasing the man. Traditionally, this image is interpreted unequivocally – the man is at the beginning of his path, he is blindly following towards enlightenment, hoping that the fate will be supportive of him.

Usually, The Fool holds a sack behind his back. The sack symbolizes the burden of past mistakes and negative experiences. Fussy and restless thoughts (the dog running next) prevent us from stopping and thinking: “Where, in fact, am I going?” – therefore, we walk blindly, without a goal, sometimes not even seeing the abyss underfoot and it depends only on fate, whether we will fall into it or safely pass it, without knowing what we have avoided.

What does it mean? The fool has several interpretations – first of all, it means new beginnings that were caused by a spontaneous action. It often means that a particular situation in your life requires rethinking of previous experiences and mistakes, you have made in the past in order to get a new opportunity and continue your path. However, no matter how hard you try, you will hardly be able to see where this road takes you. And you also won’t be able to change the direction of your path. Your time to make decisions has already passed, and everything is now in the hands of fate. And until you feel yourself the master of your own life and decisions, you will have to obediently follow the road, relying only on the success and patronage of the Higher Powers. Despite this fact, the outcome of such situations will be although unexpected, but positive. Thus, if you open yourself to changes and will trust your inner Fool – you will gain a real protection, overcome your fears and problems, and finally reach your destination, which will bring you opportunities that are worth much more that you can imagine!

What other meanings of The Fool should you know? If you see this card, it is just the right time for you to stop and listen to your inner fool – you should start enjoying the day for what it is, living in the present moment, and feeling connected with life as a result. The Fool shows us that we cannot change the past as we have no control of it and an absolutely certain future eludes us, but what we really can do – we can take the control of our present and change it. Although our past mistakes can’t be changed, they have brought us valuable experience that can help us make better decisions in our present. What we feel and believe at this moment is something over which we have control. The Fool is the unconscious, a seed that has not yet germinated. He is at the beginning of his path towards enlightenment and he truly believes that life will support him. Thus, if you see this card it can mean your spontaneity, carefree character, and it also means that you want to explore the world and all its secrets, you are open to new experiences and ideas, and ready for the change.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


The Fool shows that you are about to enter in some new, yet unknown, field. However, it highlights that you have enough curiosity and skills to overcome new tasks. If a particular even have already occurred, the Fool can also mean that you have made certain mistakes, made some unnecessary steps or have shown irresponsibility in your actions. However, this card’s deeper meaning is wisdom, which is acquired from any, even the most negative experience, awareness of the limitations of any rules that we are accustomed to follow, and the opportunity to go beyond them to achieve satisfaction and success.


Here the Fool means wonderment, from which, according to Plato, all knowledge begins. Besides, this card symbolizes both a childish inattention to important things and a deep awareness that nothing in the world is worth to make a problem out of it, which is a true life experience. However, although the Fool is always a symbol of a high consciousness, this does not mean that every fool is a sage.

Love and relationships

In this sphere, the Fool symbolizes the joy of life. However, at the same time, it can mean excessive frivolity and irresponsibility, which can lead to unreliability, which can lead to a failure in relationships. But in general the card personifies the union of two cheerful people, who easily get along with each other, who are happy to discover something new every day in the partner and love him for his uniqueness and multifacetedness.

Other interpretations

  • Astrological correspondences: Mercury and Gemini; The sun is a symbol of strength and warmth. Mercury as a symbol of flexibility, ingenuity.
  • Kabbalistic meaning: material life.
  • Occult meaning: events with a reciprocating motion.
  • Physical meaning: matter.
  • Places: a fun party without a specific occasion; hitch-hiking, new places.