The Hierophant

Short description: group identification, tradition, conformity, religion, orthodoxy.

Astrological utensils: Taurus

Number: 5

On this card we see an image of the Hierophant, who sits between the two columns on the throne. We can also see a high crown on his head and in his left hand, he holds a thin scepter. Often, under the man’s feet we can see an image of two keys that are crossed, and next to him, there are also two men, who are looking at him.

His gaze is soft and kind. His power is not the power of brute force, but the power of faith: his kingdom is not of this world, which means that unlike the Emperor, he requires submission not to himself, but to a different, higher power. His hands are stretched in a blessing gesture. He unites opposites and embodies the mystery of marriage. Images of red roses and white lilies remind us of another card from the Major Arcana – the Magician, however, in the case with the Magician, we could see live flowers, while this card displays these flowers on the robs of two men standing next to the Hierophant. What does it symbolize? If the Magician operates things, intuitively sensing their course, then the Hierophant operates with the symbols of things, penetrating into their cause and exploring possible variants of their development.

What is the meaning of this card? Since the Hierophant is the spiritual leader in the material world, he approaches things normally and traditionally. He embodies a stable bond of wisdom and mercy. The inspiration of the Spirit is manifested in the Hierophant in the form of an archetypal expression of enlightened intuition. In theory, the divine authority owes its inspiration to the Tree of Life. However, over time, earthly religious traditions slide down to dogmas and conventions. The card of Hierophant reminds us that this should not be, and that true spiritual enlightenment transcends earthly power. What if you draw an inverted card? It would mean that you are open to new ideas and are not afraid to take risks, and you are unorthodox in your beliefs.

What are the other meanings? This card represents mystery, psychic awareness, inner wisdom, moral development, and the spiritual quest. You are looking for answers within and most likely have already started or will be looking to differing philosophies for your answers. The Hierophant is the kind, generous teacher, mentor, and confidant. He could be a priest, counsellor or even a spiritual guide. Be patient. It indicates that it is the time to heed conventional wisdom and stick to your code of ethics and values.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


This card means that we are concerned about the meaning of all our activities in general, from the very subject of our studies to the issues of life support, success, reward and recognition. The Hierophant is a search for a deep meaning, a true vocation. At the same time, it can also indicate concrete situations in which our moral character, our morality, which has not yet allowed us to participate in any dark machinations, undergoes all sorts of trials.


The meaning of this Arcana is associated with a search for the meaning of life, the “check on the strength” of our spiritual principles and our value system. In this case, the objective side of life does not interest us, on the contrary, the Hierophant personifies our purely subjective experience, our own symbol of faith, which you can not “objectively” check, and yet he does not lose his value to us. In addition, this card symbolizes a significant increase in our ability to moral judgment, the very one that allows us to distinguish between good and evil, as well as any profound experiences, including religious ones, which have a great impact on the whole subsequent life

Love and Relationships

This card symbolizes the period of a significant growth of trust and attraction of partners to each other, when the partner’s ideal is becoming more sublime, and the partnership relations themselves are changing for the better under the influence of the system of moral values and personal virtues of each. At the event level, this card can mean intention or desire to get married (marry).

Other interpretations

  • Astrological correspondences: Capricorn and Saturn. Venus / Jupiter as an expression of great love.
  • Kabbalistic meaning: calmness (desire for tranquility).
  • Occult meaning: breath.
  • Physical meaning: religion.
  • Places: a temple, a monastery and other places of official religious cults; a house with an ancient tradition; “Noble Nest”.