The High Priestess

Short description: intuition, higher power, mystery.

Astrological utensils: Moon

Number: 2

The image, displayed on the High Priestess card, shows a woman who is sitting near the two columns, one of which is black and the other one is white. Behind her, there are ripe pomegranates. In the hands, woman is holding a scroll.

The Priestess sits on a throne between two columns and on these columns you can also see the Hebrew letters “Yod” and “Beit”, meaning Yahin and Boaz, the Sun and the Moon. These letters, King Solomon ordered to decorate two columns in his temple, which was built in Jerusalem. Hence the name: “The Gate of the Sanctuary.” These letters symbolize the unity of opposites – day and night, men and women, life and death.

Until the 16th century the figure on this card was adorned with the papal tiara and it was considered the personification of one of the four most important virtues – Prudence.

In the hand, the woman holds a scroll. The medieval fortunetellers associated this card with “gnosis” – the knowledge of truth. It embodies the spiritual principle, but only its hidden part – the subconscious. The cut fruits of the pomegranate, symbolize the feminine sensual beginning.

What does it mean? The High Priestess means that you are able to use the power of your intuition to receive higher spiritual inspiration and, in addition, you may find that you come into contact with your memories, some unpleasant events or conflict situations that have taken place in the past. What if you see an inverted card? The inverted card means a tendency to indulge in one’s desires, superficiality and vanity. At the moment, there are no secrets or subtleties in your world.

What are its other meanings? The other meanings of this card include the inner wisdom, a time of withdrawal making time for meditation and inner renewal. A time to rest in order to absorb the lessons that life is teaching us. Reflecting on life’s problems. Can indicate an intuitive person with heightened psychic powers or a time of psychic and spiritual development. Let your intuition be your guide as from where you are at this time you cannot see the whole picture.  Trust your inner voice.  Follow your hunches and gut feelings and you will not go far wrong.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


The Priestess means that your occupation is in one way or another related to the sphere of its influence. This means that it is related to a fairly wide range of healing or esoteric activities. Or it can also mean that you treat your work in the spirit of the principles of the Priestess: approach every task with an open heart, with patience, are always ready to hear and perceive the new information, make decisions, obeying not only logic, but, above all, intuition. If such an attitude toward work is achieved and maintained by us consciously, we have a wonderful sense of leadership from above.


This card is usually associated with a period when you should devote the maximum of your attention to your subconsciousness, to the dreams and fantasies that arise in the very depths of your soul. This needs to be done in order to raise the veil under which the Priestess hides her knowledge. Our dualistic mind rejects us on this journey, not allowing to define where is good and where is evil.

Love and Relationships

In this sphere of your life the Priestess shows herself from the best side. It represents mutual understanding, deep affection, intimacy and kinship of souls, sensitivity, caring towards each other, and last but not least – the certainty that an invisible but strong thread that connects you with a partner.

Other interpretations

  • Astrological correspondences: Cancer and the Moon. Venus in Taurus as a symbol of fertility and growth.
  • Kabbalistic meaning: thought, science, intuition.
  • Occult meaning: the spiritual mother.
  • Physical meaning: lips.
  • Places: a place suitable for science and meditation; forest; free space, unaffected by civilization.