The Lovers

Short description: love, relationships, decisions, unions, choices.

Astrological utensils: Gemini

Number: 6

This card shows us an image of two naked young people (man and woman), who stand in the foreground. Behind the woman we can see a fruit tree and behind the man, there is a tree with fire. In addition, in the sky, above the Lovers, we can see an angel. In the majority of decks, we can see another significant detail – the woman’s gaze is directed towards the hovering angel, while the man is usually looking on the woman.

In the modern Tarot this card shows naked man and woman. It is clear that these two people in love are symbolizing Adam and Eve, in the Garden of Eden. An Angel that is hovering over them, is stretching out his hands in a blessing gesture. The fruit tree that we can see behind Eve is the Tree of Knowledge, while the fire tree behind Adam is the Tree of Life. The Lovers is the first card on which we do not see the dualism that was clearly shown on all previous cards: the people depicted on it do not divide anything, the opposites are completely united. Sometimes we can also observe a snake on the image, which, as you could already understood, is a symbol of temptation.

What is the meaning of this Arcana? The Lovers, or Gemini (representing the astrological sign of Gemini) stand naked in the innocence of the newly-found paradise, and above them rises the holy guardian angel, who is granting them grace. Adam symbolizes masculine qualities – logic and rational intelligence, while Eve is a symbol of the key feminine qualities – intuition and emotional perceptiveness. As a result of spiritual quest, these two polarities must eventually unite to find harmony. The Tree of Life means a happy and lasting union of opposites.

What is the meaning of an inverted card? It symbolizes the attraction of two lovers to each other and therefore, on the human level it symbolizes a very important choice in life. We all seek love, and we all are tempted. At different times, we are attracted to that vice, then virtue. If you draw out this card, you need to take some important decision or make an important choice and this may concern the beginning of a romantic relationship.

What other meanings to keep in mind? Choice, harmony and relationships. It can mean just what it looks like i.e. that love and romance are coming to the inquirer. Depending on where it falls, it could be that the relationship is in the future or one, which the inquirer is already in, will bloom and deepen. On a lesser note, this card could mean friendship and harmony. Therefore, if it showed up in a question related to career it could suggest that relationships with work colleagues will be happy and productive. If there has been a parting it can indicate that the partners will be reunited. Another aspect of the Lovers card is choice ie choosing between two people, two courses of action, two jobs or two of anything, and that the action of choosing is going to be important in its outcome. Facing an ethical or moral choice.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


In the work sphere of your life, you will face a choice. This card says that it is the time to analyze all the circumstances in order to finally decide on something specific, since our further steps and the whole line of behavior depend on this. It can be a choice of a new direction in work, a change of its place or transition to a new range of tasks, to some new project, and so on. However, there can be nothing new. This card can also mean that we should get rid of illusions and prejudices and learn to approach our work in a new way.


The Lovers show that we are beginning to realize our capabilities, realizing that truly profound and extremely important knowledge will be revealed to us only if we firmly adhere to the choice we have once made, consciously giving up everything else. Hence, it is clear that the so-called “multiple-choice-society” (a society where everyone is given a lot of chances) actually gives people only the possibility of colossal self-deception: they believe that there is a chance to “change their minds” at any time and thus, they do not know how to be satisfied with what has been achieved because they always hope to find something better. And the disappointment that can be seen on their faces is not due to the fact that their “most important” opportunity has not turned out for them but because they had not had the courage and the will to make a definite choice at least once. What does it mean? Only making a conscious, uncompromising choice, without deviating from it, you will open our own way to genuine, deep happiness.

Love and Relationships

This card symbolizes a strong love that illuminates our whole life and changes it in many ways. It can indicate both the emergence of a new union, and the fact that we can and should find our happiness. And, since there is also an important topic of “choice” in it, this means that the sources of happiness and joy will be revealed to us only when we voluntarily “give up” something and with all our hearts decide that we will continue to walk through life with a specific person.

Other interpretations

  • Astrological correspondences: Libra and Venus. Aries as a gust of strength.
  • Kabbalistic meaning: the suffering soul.
  • Occult meaning: eyes and ears.
  • Physical meaning: freedom.
  • Places: your own home; apartment; bedroom; cozy cafe; places for love meetings.