Short description: power, skill, concentration, action.

Astrological utensils: Mercury

Number: 1

This card displays a young man, who stands in front of a table with a sword, a rod, a goblet and a pentacle in his right hand, holding a two-sided candle, the left hand is lowered down and he has the symbol of infinity above his head. A man is clothed in a red robe and there are many flowers around him.

The Magician stands with his right hand high up. In the right hand he is squeezing the rod, which is a symbol of his power. His left hand points down, which symbolizes the transfer of sacred energy to the worlds below. Above the magician’s head we can see a horizontal symbol of infinity which symbolizes the Holy Spirit. There is a table in front of the man, which is often interpreted as his altar, and on  this table we can see the symbols of four major elements: the cup (symbol of Water), the pentacle or disk (symbol of Earth), the rod (symbol of Fire) and sword (symbol of Air). These are the elements of Creation. Red roses that surround The Magician are the symbols of passion and desire, while white lilies mean a pure, abstract thought. Around the magician’s waist we can see the snake of eternity, devouring its own tail, which is a well-known alchemical symbol – ouroboros.

The astrological value of this card is Mercury, the “mediator”, which is the force that transfers information from the source to the receiver and is also interpreted as the distance leading to the goal.

What is its meaning? By pulling this card out of the deck you show that you have the power to make decisions and act. You are sensitive and intuitive in terms of using your strength and possess the necessary skills that are required to lay a strong foundation for a positive relationship. You are able to connect the inner and outer world. This card is associated with powerful will. However, it also means sexual energy. Pulling out the Magician means that you bring undoubted vitality and inspiration to your daily life and have a great ability to solve conflicts and reach new heights. You are a true leader and an original thinker! However, an inverted card has an opposite meaning. If you see the card inverted, it means that you are using your power unreasonably. You are following empty goals and are influenced by people who lie and deceive you. Your projects are poorly thought out and are unlikely to be completed successfully.

What other meanings to keep in mind? This card also shows that the current time is right to begin new things. It also means that if you see new opportunities in your life, it is the right time to initiate action and start making a plan of further actions. The success in any matter can be achieved through a clear sense of purpose and with a help of a strong willpower. Thus, the Magician encourages you to stay open to new ideas, make decisions, and take the necessary actions to achieve your goals. You are able to use special skills and talents to achieve your goals, just put your thoughts into action and the success in any sphere will not keep you waiting!

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


The Magician shows that you are realizing your potential and use it, taking the initiative in your own hands. Depending on what this initiative is aimed at, we can achieve financial success, promotion at work, or solve some difficult tasks, for example, successfully pass exams or complete a project.


This card shows that our mind is clear and precise, that we have the intelligence and the gift of persuasion to succeed in any matter. On deeper levels of consciousness, the Magician personifies the ability to take the responsibility for your decisions and actions, means determination and conscious control of one’s own destiny, awareness of the vital task.

Personal Relationships

This card means the time of inspiration, courage, and strengthening of your natural magnetism. If you use these benefits wisely, they will help you to overcome constraint and all the other problems.

Other interpretations

  • Astrological correspondences: Pluto, Mars and Scorpio. The moon is a symbol of our “lunar” consciousness, intuition and power of our subconscious forces.
  • Kabbalistic meaning: self-control.
  • Occult meaning: father, spiritual master.
  • Physical meaning:
  • Places: Research Institute; library; study room for scientific work; Exchange; doctor’s office; a place where you can find harmony.