The Moon

Short description: Illusions, insecurity, mystery, phobias and fears.

Astrological utensils: Pisces

Number: 18

On this card we can see a huge moon that lightens the earth and the river, a dog and a wolf howl on it standing next to each other, and also, here we can see a picture of a cancer. As a rule, there are two towers. Between these towers and up to the horizon, there is a long path from our world, to the world of magic and mystery. The journey taken on this math leads a person to the threshold of the unknown, overcoming which is prevented by our anguish and fear (symbolized by a wolf and a dog).

This card, corresponding to the Pisces sign, completes the cycle of Zodiac signs in the Senior Arcana. At the border of Pisces and Aries, where the zodiacal circle ends and begins again, there is a kind of gray, “foggy” zone, considered dangerous: there is no way to see what will happen next – it’s unclear. Not without reason in the old days this card was called Crepusculum – “Twilight”. The next stage of the life path is coming to an end, this card says. But you can not stop, you need to go further.

The lunar crescent predominates in the image of the Moon and reflects the symbolism of the lunar sphere of Yesod on the Tree of Life – a sphere associated with dreams, fecundity and astral image of the subconscious. A dog and a wolf howling at the moon are dedicated to the dark moon goddess Hecate, and this reminds us that traditionally the moon is associated with dark or invisible forces. The magnifying glass symbolizes continuous cycles of change, including biological and mental tides that affect, respectively, fertility and creativity.

What does it mean? This card is associated with intuition, dreams and the manifestation of extrasensory abilities. If you pull out this card, pay special attention to the subtle changes in your everyday life, but do not let yourself to be deceived by the external manifestation of something. Trust the messages that come to you in a dream, and listen to the inner voice of your intuition; recognize also that, like all other intelligent beings, you are the power of Nature and you also have wild, unchecked inclinations. This means that you may have to recognize aspects of your animal nature and at the same time confront your own personal demons.

What does the inverted card mean? Practicality is more important than intuition or guesswork. Do not risk now, wait until the storm is over – the period of chaos comes to an end, and if someone tries to deceive you, do not worry as his plans will be exposed.

What are the other interpretations? Strong emotions, expansion, confusion, strong dreams and an increase in psychic ability.  Your dreams are trying to tell you something, listen. Highly charged emotions possibly to do with relationships, people within this relationship may be muddled, not sure about what they want or where they are going. Best hope would be to avoid making any concrete plans and let things float along for a while. If the Moon appears in other areas of life ie finances or work than deception and trickery could be in the air. On a mundane level even simple plans can go awry when the Moon arrives ie letters going astray, travel plans fouled up etc. On a more positive note the Moon gives the inquirer a chance to use his/her imagination, and this could be beneficially channeled into artistic pursuits. Rely on “gut feelings” in relation to any doubtful situations, as they are going to be far more accurate than reason. You may be entering a period of uncertainty with volatile feeling and unstable moods.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


The Moon means fear, insecurity in the future (can be fired), in one’s own knowledge (I will not pass certification), competence (will not get the desired position) or abilities (I chose the wrong profession). Herewith this feeling is always distinguished by a note of irrationality: even having told yourself that there are no objective reasons for fear, we still continue to be afraid because the roots of this fear lie much deeper than we think, and the symptom we are trying to overcome is not a reason, it’s just an excuse. Therefore, one can not get rid of them, having learned only to avoid certain situations. In any new situation, these fears will immediately find a new way. Only an authentic and purposeful path to oneself, a path through the abyss of our own fears gives a hope to get rid of these feelings once and forever.


Here we have a unique chance, accompanied by a huge danger. We will travel to the depths of our own subconscious, repeatedly described in myths as “Nekia”, that is, descent into hell, the Underworld. Meeting with your own monsters, the battle with them is the most difficult stage of your journey, the most difficult exam in your life. However, you may get lost.

Love and Relationships

It points to a romantic, dreamy nature that is living with subtle emotions, fantasies and building castles in the air. At the same time, there are feelings of insecurity and fear. It can be an alliance, corroded by jealousy, resentment or an eerie fear of loneliness of one or both partners. However, if they (or you) dropped this card, it means that partners can discover and work out these complexes, coming from early childhood, to get rid of them once and forever. Otherwise, this Arcana indicates that your current relationship is just an illusion, if not to say a nightmare. And it is the right time to get rid of it.

Other interpretations

  • Astrological correspondences: Cancer and the Moon. The sun in the 5th house as a symbol of the joy of life, creativity and enjoyment of the game.
  • Kabbalistic meaning: a reflection.
  • Occult meaning: a cover.
  • Physical meaning: hidden enemies.
  • Places: lakes, seas, rivers, swamps; ladies’ boudoir; children’s room; studio; a movie or television studio.