The Star

Short description: hope, faith, renewal, inspiration, good fortune.

Astrological utensils: Aquarius

Number: 17

As a rule, this Arcana depicts a women either dressed or naked, who stands on one knee near a lake and has two jugs in her hands, from which the water flows to the ground and into the lake. A woman is surrounded by a picturesque area and far away on the tree sits a songbird. The sky above her is clear and there we can see eight stars – one is yellow and large, and the other seven are white and small, all these stars are eight-pointed.

The woman’s legs do not touch the ground. She also does not have a shadow. Falling asleep in one world, the woman woke up in another, getting to which did not require any effort from her and thus, she does not understand yet what power had brought her here. Power overwhelms the woman who finally achieved the desired goal, the promised land – but it turned out that she does not need it, and a wonderful power is wasted: the water purges aimlessly into an already full lake or into an insatiable land and only a blossoming tree and a songbird show that in reality not everything is lost. Sometimes this card is also called the Star of Magicians. It symbolizes the unity of planets, elements and other forces of nature.

This card means hope, inspiration, and good health – everything in this card is positive – you will receive gifts of love and spiritual guidance, your life will be filled with purpose and happiness, and your intuitive powers will increase significantly. However, an inverted card means different. You do not have enough sanity. It may mean that you are going to face some health problems, you will get stuck in a situation when you do not know in which direction to move, your friends and beloved ones will leave you, and you may suffer other losses.

What are the other interpretations? The Star of Hope, it brings hope, faith, new opportunities and optimism to any part of the spread where it falls. Indicates that things will go well in the future. illumination and inspiration that when acted upon brings our dreams and wishes to fruition. Any rough patches will smooth out and indicates an improvement in health. In a career reading past efforts will be appreciated and rewarded. Could be pursuing educational or artistic matters. Expansion. Faith in life’s possibilities.  Counting your blessings.  Peace of mind.  A Guardian Angel is watching over you.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


Here it shows that you are on the verge of a completely new career – this can be both a logical continuation of your previous work and a transition to something completely new. However, any negotiations, projects, contracts and alliances that are taking shape during this period promise us luck for a long time.


The Star shows that our future is in our hands. At the same time, we are offered a broad perspective on the distant future, which goes far beyond specific agreements and plans. It may feel like if you could get so high that you could clearly see all the various obstacles that may arise in your path, the means using which you can easily overcome them, and the ultimate goal.

Love and Relationships

In terms of personal life and relationships, the Star can mean that you are going to have certain meetings in the nearest future, which, although may seem random or accidental, are extremely important for you and your future, as the contacts you are going to establish during these meetings will give you consequences during many years. It may mean that you will meet a partner or a good friend. Anyway, all unions made under the sign of this card have a long future.

Other interpretations

  • Astrological correspondences: The Moon in Scorpio as “dark knowledge” (the abyss of the soul), or the Sun in the 7th house as a symbol of descent into the Underworld.
  • Kabbalistic meaning: beauty.
  • Occult meaning: tongue and lips.
  • Physical meaning: fertility.
  • Places: flowering gardens and parks, greenhouses; countryside; quiet and cozy corners; art galleries; vernissages and exhibitions; Philharmonic; theater, cinema and other places related to art.