The Sun

Short description: warmth, enlightenment, fun, happiness, success.

Astrological utensils: Sun


On the picture we see a large sun that shines bright in the sky. The sun has a face and it is looking at you calmly and severely. Below we see a peaceful landscape, as well as other symbols of sun – four sunflowers, a stone wall, and a child sitting on white horse with a scarlet flag in his left hand and a crown made of a wreath of flowers and a feather

This card symbolizes the long-awaited world of joy and light that we have been striving for throughout our whole journey. We managed to reach this world because we were led by a force superior to the human, thanks to which the spark of life does not fade at all its stages, no matter how many stages there were. It symbolizes the end of another stage in ones life. However, this does not frighten us because we know that a new stage is going to follow and it will bring us joy and harmony. Therefore, our mind is clear. It has learned to comprehend the main thing, cutting off unnecessary. Many opportunities are open in front of us, everything is in our power but the mind is a formidable weapon, which has to be used with great responsibility.

How is this card interpreted? This is a very positive card in the Tarot scenario. It means joy and happiness, as well as success, positive achievements and good health – your relationship will be blessed with divided happiness and prosperity, and your efforts will bear fruit. In addition, it is also time to explore your creativity and positive new ideas for the future, as they will bring prosperity when you come into contact with the life-giving and nurturing power of your inner spiritual Sun.

What does an inverted card mean? At the moment your future is vague and unclear. You can suffer a serious loss or fail in your affairs, your relationship is in danger: the engagement is likely to fail or there will be difficulties in your marriage, thus, now you need to pause, realistically evaluate your life and ask yourself, in which direction you are moving.

What are the other meanings? Rebirth, joy, happiness and success are on the way. The sun is about to shine in the inquirers life. Efforts will be rewarded and trials overcome. A card for the company of good friends and creature comforts. Indications are that a marriage would be successful and happy. There may be children around you, an addition to the family ie grandchildren, or perhaps just the joy and fun of a youthful nature. A ray of sunshine enters your life.  Spontaneous and passionate.  A time of hope, joy, celebration and success.  The pleasure from knowing that life is good.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


The Sun means that work gives us joy, and we fulfill it with enthusiasm and success. In addition, it symbolizes a warm, friendly atmosphere in the team, good relations with partners, superiors, colleagues, a good aura and the ability to communicate their ideas and considerations easily and intelligibly.


In this sphere, the main meaning of the Sun is concentrated – this is the awakening, flowering and maturation of our solar nature, identified with our true self. The solar nature, first of all, means gaining and enhancing such qualities as trust in oneself, self-confidence, self-knowledge and self-awareness, independence, and secondly – the rejection of oneself, selfishness, and the transition to awareness of one’s self at the highest level.

Love and Relationships

Here the Sun personifies the most cloudless, warm relations, a minimum of problems, enterprise and all the pleasures of life. At the event level, it can mean a vacation. At a deep level – generosity, the ability to give all yourself to someone, without losing yourself. This – a symbol of cordiality, kindness, light, dispersing the clouds. Partners care about each other, they even pamper each other, mutual understanding and love prevail between them.

Other interpretations

  • Astrological correspondences: the Sun and the Lion. The sun in the 5th house as a symbol of the joy of life, creativity and enjoyment of the game.
  • Kabbalistic meaning: an ax.
  • Occult meaning: a mind.
  • Physical meaning: an absolute truth.
  • Places: fertile land; rich firms; well stocked store; elegant apartments.