The Tower

Short description: disaster, sudden changes, revelation, disruption, loss.

Astrological utensils: Mars

Number: 16

On this card we can see a tower, hit by a lightning, which is a symbol of the destruction of the Jerusalem Temple, the last stronghold of the Jewish faith, which was destroyed by the Emperor Titus on the ninth day of the month Aba in 70 AD. We can also see two people who are falling down from the tower.

Instead of a dome, a tower has a crown, it is tall and surrounded by clouds, after the lightning hit the tower, it gives a crack and the crown is falling from the top of it. The flames are breaking out from the tower’s windows.

This card symbolizes the complete collapse, the disintegration of everything that until now was the basis of existence, a revolution in the notions of the world, helplessness in front of the terrible will of the heavens. However, it also symbolizes a catharsis – a process of the purification of the soul from the aggravated sins and sufferings that you have faced in your life.

What does it mean? Pulling out this card means that your current plans and projects are selfish and will not lead to anything – you are in a situation of conflict and change, which can have catastrophic consequences. Everything that you took for granted will soon be questioned.

The inverted card means that the process of change has already begun. It recommends you to go with the flow and do not try to resist what will happen as a result, and if you suppress feelings of sadness, anger or frustration, let these feelings spill over, and your life will soon change for the better.

What are the other meanings? Breakdown and awakening. Total change signaled by the end of previous patterns leading to new beginnings. A need to break up the old patterns which no longer serve our highest and best good. This explosion has a liberating potential as it clears a site for a new growth. We cannot build new structures on top of old foundations; the old must be burned away before the new idea can take form. Release the old, flow with change.  A sudden change in livelihood/lifestyle, change in belief, changes from nature or external influences.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


The Tower itself pulls us out of the frames that have become too tight, from the long-unnecessary scenario of “harvesting our daily bread,” opening up to us a free and wide field of activity. At the event level, this is often manifested in the form of dismissal at will or at the employer’s will. This card may mean the closure of the company. However, no matter how shattering this blow seemed to us, getting out from under the wreckage with a sigh of relief we will feel that we finally have left a prison, although earlier it seemed so cozy to us.


In this sphere The Tower corresponds to a scary, sometimes even eerie sense of collapse of all our previous ideas, beliefs or a whole philosophy of life. This often involves things that have long ago made themselves felt, but we did not want to take them for granted, because they irritated or upset us as gloomy omens, and we suppressed them as much as we could. Now, when they did break through the line of our defense, we suddenly become convinced that all our previous ideas about life, about stability, about what we need to do, have collapsed and turned into a heap of debris. Only a long time later it becomes clear that the period was for us a period of major changes, a revision of all our life concepts, a transition to a truly independent existence. It was a breakthrough to freedom. In addition, the Tower can mean revolutionary views in one or more areas, a victory in our research activities or a sudden insight, how to solve a long-suffering problem for us.

Love and Relationships

Very often, though not always, this card represents a kind of destructive beginning – either this is the implementation of the urgent changes that we have resisted for so long, or the release from the captivity of relations with a partner that has limited us in development. However, it can also mean that we ourselves hid from our problems behind a solid wall of ostentatious composure, stubbornness and inaccessibility, and now it is time to come out of these walls to meet a new, in all respects fruitful alliance.

Other interpretations

  • Astrological correspondences: Pisces and Neptune. Astrological significance: Jupiter in the 11th house as patron and discoverer of new horizons.
  • Kabbalistic meaning: fear, fear of God’s punishment.
  • Occult meaning: material reference.
  • Places: mountain peaks; high buildings; skyscrapers; minarets; belfries; ruin; ashes; conflagrations.