The Wheel of Fortune

Short description: destiny, turning point, luck, a change for the better.

Astrological utensils: Jupiter

Number: 10

In the center of an image displayed on this card, we can see a wheel with eight characters, there is also a blue sphinx with a sword in his paws, sitting on top of the wheel. In the picture, we can also see some more creatures – an eagle, a lion, a bull, and a snake, and all of them except the snake have wings and hold an open book.

This is the first card of the Major Arcana, that does not have an image of a human on it. However, there are many other symbols on it. In the middle there is a wheel decorated with various letters and signs. These are, first, the four Hebrew letters that make up the tetragram of the name of God, and four Latin letters that form the word TORA – or TARO, if read in the opposite direction. Secondly, the wheel depicts alchemical symbols of mercury, sulfur, water and salt. In the corners of the card, we can find the figures of an angel, a bull, a lion and an eagle, which are the symbols of the four evangelists – Matthew, Luke, Mark, and John. Here you can also see a snake, a sphinx, and a kind winged demon that looks a bit like a dog.

This card says – everything revolves in this world like a wheel. Everything changes and everything returns to normal. The Wheel of Fortune reminds us that there is nothing permanent except for your own “I”, but it also changes with the flow of time, not everything depends on human desires: there is a chain of coincidences, an unknown game of Destiny, a “factor of uncertainty”, which can not be ignored when making plans for the future.

What does it mean? This card shows that you are confident in your luck, while the position and nature of the other cards in your layout can show you what kind of luck you can expect. This card shows that the fate is favorable to you at this time, and your relationships at home and in business will thrive. However, the inverted card means different. It means, on the contrary, that currently you are unlucky. It is time to gather with strength and courage – you may feel stuck at this moment, but keep doing what you did because with time you will obtain what you’ve lost because you have good times waiting for you ahead.

What other interpretations exist? Definite change, a turning point. The wheel of Fortune is a reminder that nothing and no one stays on top forever. Destiny that is played out in what appears to us as endings and beginnings, as one door closes, another opens. Starting a new cycle of events, the unfolding future looks good.  Be flexible and alert for new opportunities in order to take advantage of them.  Prepare for ups and downs.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


Here the Wheel also symbolizes the dependence, often associated with the monotony, routine of the case, which we have to deal with. However, it requires us to look for an important positive meaning in such situations. The more this yoke presses on us, the closer we are to the idea that it he card t. It means, on the contrary, that currently is time to take fate into our own hands. Thus, the Wheel of Fortune can be considered as a harbinger of great changes, which, moreover, can not be avoided. And, the more readily we accept this fate of ours, the sooner we will find ourselves on the other, rising side of the Wheel.


Here the Wheel of Fortune is a call to learn to understand the necessity, to understand that the Wheel of Fortune requires us to constantly grow and develop. Not realizing this law, which, at first glance, does not necessarily concern us, we risk to quickly calm down on what has been achieved. This is where the Wheel of Fortune comes into play, confronting us with situations from which we should learn another lesson.

Love and Relationships

Most often, this is the preservation of the status quo, and we can not do anything about it. If loneliness, then currently we have no chance to find (or return) a partner, if a “problem” union that does not satisfy us, then nothing can be changed either. However, in this case too, we must understand and thoroughly learn the lesson that this situation gives us, after which changes for the better will become possible for us.

Other interpretations

  • Astrological correspondences: Sagittarius and Scorpio, Jupiter and Pluto.
  • Kabbalistic meaning: faith.
  • Occult meaning: pointing finger.
  • Physical meaning: success.
  • Places: casino; places of entertainment; tourist travel with adventures; jail; hospital; all places associated with movement.