The World

Short description: achievement, completion, accomplishment, success, abundance, pleasure.

Astrological utensils: Saturn

Number: 21

A nude woman is depicted in the center, she is holding rods in her both hands. This woman is in the middle of a large circle (often pictured as a green wreath), which unlike the Wheel of Fortune, symbolizes not the eternal movement and play of chance, but the peace and harmonious perfection of the surrounding world. In the corners of the picture we can see a head of an angel, as well as the heads of an eagle, bull, and lion.

This card symbolizes the original state of the world. In the past, the card used to have an image of a person, who had the signs of both a man and woman – the androgyny, who was the first human being created by the Greek gods. However, later, Zeus has cut the androgyny in half. Since then, all people are in a continuous search for their “second half” and this card symbolizes a person who has found it, someone who has reached the highest stage of knowledge and harmony with the universe. He’s free and his journey is over. The soul has fulfilled its purpose.

This card represents personal rewards and fulfillment of all desires – it is an Arcana of triumph, happiness, and success. Therefore, pulling out this card means that you can confidently move forward, it also symbolizes personal freedom and exploration of new horizons. In the current situation you feel happy and calm. However, it can be the beginning of a new phase of your partnership.

Seeing an inverted card means that you have not yet learned the lessons of life, you do not have a vision of life and have yet to taste the fruits of success – you do not want to explore new opportunities, and your fears can lead you into a state of lethargy or stagnation.

What are the other meanings? Happiness and a lasting success. If the inquirer is nearing the end of a project, then he will soon be able to survey the work done with a sense of pride and accomplishment. A gradual, happy and satisfactory completion of objectives and goals. Setting of new objectives and goals. Will have the admiration of others and will be feeling proud of achievements. The inquirer is about to gain some insight and a sense of inner peace. Often indicates travel. A hint of new adventures to come.  Everything is falling into place for you and things will come to a successful conclusion.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


The World indicates that we have chosen the right occupation and are working exactly where we should have been – or at least we are somewhere on the way to it. This, of course, does not mean that we have nowhere to develop further. It only means that all the decisions we have taken so far have been right, and that we have found our true vocation – at least at this stage in our life. On an everyday level, this card means joy from brilliantly executed work, sincerity and harmony in relations with colleagues, and sometimes contacts with foreign colleagues or trips abroad.


The happy awareness of the fact that you have made a small but important step on the way to becoming a person, have realized your real vocation and mission in this world. This happened after one ceased to perceive his horoscope, more precisely, its most “problematic” elements as the unfair gift from fate, and has finally remembered that our vital task is to reconcile and harmonize these tense aspects in our inner and outer world.

Love and Relationships

In a personal sphere, the World indicates that our union with a partner is a genuine home for both of us, or, if you are still alone, very soon you are going to meet a person who will become a companion for you. Union, personified by this card, is never a “resort novel” – it is always something long, strong and truly deep connection or marriage, which has played or will play a crucial role in your life.

Other interpretations

  • Astrological correspondences: Aquarius and Uranus. The Sun in Leo as an image of independence and self-confidence.
  • Kabbalistic meaning: truth.
  • Occult meaning: chest.
  • Physical meaning: holiness at the highest level of the hierarchy.
  • Places: abroad; foreign state; peace; sky; another dimension; space; universe; abolition of the space-time continuum; A place that gives internal stability.