Three of CupsCelebration

In the picture, we can see three happy young women, who are triumphant, joyful, and carefree. The women raise their cups up as if they would celebrate something. Around their legs are scattered wreaths of flowers. These girls proclaim toast – for love, prosperity and success.

This card stands for friendship and love, a time to rejoice and a time to share your joy with others. It stage in a person’s life, a successful journey, in a word – good luck, though, rather, spiritual than a material one.

Unlike the Two of Cups, the Three of Cups points to the success and establishment of the relations of many or at least several people who make up the family, group, team, etc.

Tip: Think of a way to share your happiness, love and prosperity. Joy can come from past achievements, but it can also portend a happy and successful road ahead. In a joyful, jocular manner, analyze your life and wait for new and pleasant chances.

Explanation: Number three symbolizes growth and expressiveness. This card is connected with glee from happiness, love and success – from the simple joy of unity. It says that sweet accomplishments and new opportunities will come. In addition, it can testify to the prosperity of the new spiritual potential and creative expression in music and the arts. And, because Three results from Two, lovers can soon be happy with the birth of a child.

Main meanings: Resolution of problems, have faith, everything is going to turn out well in the end. A card of social gatherings ie weddings, parties, reunions, family get together etc. Celebrations, having fun. This card brings strong healings energies for body, mind and spirit. An invitation. Friendship.

The meaning of the inverted card: What used to bring us joy, now brings suffering. Your potential for creative growth and spiritual self-expression remains hidden. You indulge your desires and create problems for yourself, instead of building your future.

The Three of Cups expresses joy, carelessness and gratitude – feelings that are so clearly manifested in people, for example, at the traditional Harvest Festival. It shows that something important and beautiful has entered our life, or that we have received a gift (from a person or from the very fate) that filled us with joy, happiness and gratitude. At a deeper level, the card can mean optimism and a sense of completeness of being, on the external (event) level it can indicate a feast.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


The end of an important stage of work and a banquet on this occasion. This can be passing the exam, defense of the thesis, promotion in a position or an increase in salary, the conclusion of a profitable transaction. Or a warm, friendly atmosphere in the team, a joint event, a picnic with colleagues.


The Three of Cups indicates that we with joy and gratitude came to the completion of an important phase of our inner development or achieved results that filled us with a sense of joy and happiness. Or it shows that for us the period of crisis, the trial, though difficult, but extremely valuable in terms of acquired experience, has finally ended. Of course, it can mean that we are now just in good health and mood, and we are grateful to fate for the opportunity to enjoy life.

Personal Relationships

Here, this card means “honeymoon” joys or just harmonious relationships with a partner.