Three of PentaclesBeneficial use of talents

This card depicts the building under construction. A mason cuts out a pattern on the wall of a medieval monastery or church and the three pentacles form a part of the central architectural design (a pattern on the arch). The mason turns to talk with the monk and another figure in the hood, perhaps a nun. It seems that they are engaged in a joint and constructive discussion of the current work.

The temple can not be built alone, says this card, whether it is a house, an enterprise or a human life. The architect is the person who has to make decisions. Two friends help him: one with his wisdom, the other with his own humor. The card indicates the importance of combining efforts, exchanging views in any, even the most individual case

In practice, this card may mean that one of your efforts will not be enough to solve the problem. At least one or even two people are needed. Or, for people highly developed, they must find in themselves three essential qualities: a blessing (priest), that is, the business should be good, skill (architect), that is, professionalism and experience, and a sense of humor (jester) in order not to take everything too seriously. Then success is assured.

Explanation: You have significant creative abilities, your work is recognized today and very praised. This card shows that your efforts bring great material success – you will probably receive a financial reward or other form of material recognition.

Main meanings: Recognition of talents and early success.  You are being admired for your work but there is still more work to be done.  Success comes through hard work, concentration and effort.  This card also indicates success in exams, business and personal affairs. A good time for home renovations.  A job well done. Development of plans.

The meaning of the inverted card: Your work is mediocre and definitely can be improved. You are too inexperienced – you need to learn more because currently the financial reward interests you more than the quality of work you perform.

Because of the black background, the Three of Pentacles is often considered an “unlucky card.” However, on the contrary, it means a successfully passed exam, that is, a necessary and useful experience. Unlike the Eight of Pentacles, personifying the Apprentice, the Three is already an Apprentice. Thus, it shows that we have already ascended to a new stage of cognition, characterized not only by the desire to learn, but also by some accumulated experience. This is the successful completion of the period of study or work, the transition to the next level.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


In this sphere, the Three of Pentacles more than any other card indicates an increase of a person’s qualification. It means that we have completed the next course (or stage of development) and can now assume greater responsibility or start new tasks. It can also mean a test, an examination in which evaluation is not important for us, but recognition of our qualifications and the associated possible enhancement of status. In any case, it shows that we will continue to work on this specialty for the time being, and that we are not yet expected to change our occupation.


Here the dark colors of the card become clear because it means the path to the mystery of Initiation. It shows spiritual growth, when the amount of accumulated knowledge passes into quality, and we finally find our way to the truth.

Personal Relationships

In a personal sphere, the Three of Pentacles shows that we have to make a decisive step that will allow us to move to more mature forms of union with the partner. This could mean the end of the search period and the beginning of a permanent, truly warm and soulful union. If such a union already exists, the card means that the initial difficulties or former crises are overcome, and we come to a new level. In a deeper sense, this may mean that we are on the verge of discovering the great mystery of Love.