Three of SwordsHeartache

In this picture, we see a big red heart that floats in the air among the storm clouds and under a heavy rain. Underneath the heart we see a hill and often, many people who are either coming up or down the hill. The heart is pierced by three swords. The three swords symbolize the three knots, three major problems that a particular person is worried about at the current time and in order to find out what these problems are, you should draw three more cards from the deck and each of them will correspond to one of the problems.

This card is usually drawn by a person who concentrates all his attention on one particular problem, whereas he really has more problems. In any case, an issue that currently disturbs his mind so much is not the most important thing. However, a person does not know about it or does not want to accept this.

Tip: suffering leads to understanding and wisdom. Love is possible only when honesty prevails in relations.

Explanation: The simplest and most obvious explanation of this card is that it represents a broken heart. When looking for love, you are probably going to get in a storm, there are conflicts and misunderstanding in the family, and lovers may break up in the result of a fight. In addition, this card can indicate common concepts such as separation, rupture, dispersion and conflict. However, it also has a positive side. It convinces us to lead cordial matters honestly, to be faithful and straightforward in our relations and to evade emotional manipulation of our beloved. The Three of Swords also means the ordering of chaos, so here we are invited to open our hearts for a new understanding and perception of the situation in order to escape from established views or belief systems that we adhere to.

Main meanings: Heartache, grief, strong disappointment and a broken heart. Can indicate pain and suffering within a relationship.  Accept and don’t fight what life is handing you at this time, remember that this will pass and needs to be experienced honestly and not suppressed. Something to mourn or cry about. Unsettling news.

The meaning of the inverted card: An inverted card stands for alienation, loss, mess, and confusion.

Because of the symbols depicted on this card, it is often considered as a sign of issues and pain, mainly caused by the unhappy love. However, although this Arcana does have such a meaning, it is not the only prediction it can give you. The Three of Swords is the choice made contrary to the feeling. However, it is important to know the background of the matter and to check what other cards will accompany this one in order to figure out whether the made decision was a sign of a faint-heartedness or, on the contrary, a step towards liberation. In situations where feelings are brutally suppressed by reason, this card, of course, has a negative character. But if it shows that we have succeeded in escaping from the captivity of any dependence by force of reason, to get rid of doubtful habits, then this is a step though painful, but necessary.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


Here, the Three of Swords means that we need to make a step that runs counter to our feelings. We must do the work we hate or go to a hard conversation. If the situation is more likely to guide us, the card may mean an unpleasant need to reprimand a subordinate, whom we highly appreciate. Of course, it may mean that it is up to us ourselves to listen to the reprimand, perhaps unfair, or to experience any other troubles that may end even by dismissal.


At the level of consciousness, the Three of Swords shows that we have to learn the bitter truth, to lose all the old illusions. We can discover something that will force us to give up old habitual ideas, overcome the inertia of thinking, or take the step that we have so far avoided – whether out of fear or out of disgust. Where the intellect has overwhelmed all senses, this card serves as a warning. However, if an acute blade of the mind can release us from painful, overly possessive feelings, this painful step can be salutary, like a timely surgical operation done.

Personal Relationships

In this sphere, this card most often means unhappy love. Disappointment, resentment, mutual reproaches, often ending in a break up. However, even here this card can show its positive significance: the decision is finally to end, despite all the pain, with the alliance that has become a trap, a dead end or torture for us.