Three of WandsDevelopment of plans

The image on this card shows a man, who is standing on a high hill and looks at the see, which is stretching to the horizon. There are ships in the see. Near the man, there are three wands that are growing from the ground and have leaves on them, and the hand of a person lies on one of these wands.

It is a Traveler, a man who has gone through a long and unsafe path to reach the sea. He left the familiar world, changed a lot in his life, and changed himself. His path was difficult, he was tired, but he achieved his goal. The sea is a new world, a new life that has been revealed to man and now, when he has finally reached it, he is free from the burden of the past.

The Three of Wands is similar in importance to the Two. However, unlike the Two of Wands, it represents not a question of intellectual, but of material work – building a house, buying an apartment, setting up a company, etc. In the straight position, it gives a favorable prognosis, in the inverted one recommends to think it over again and, most likely, to postpone the plans you have until better times.

Explanation: This card shows partnership and cooperation in business transactions. It assumes that there will be someone who will offer you help or you will find a partner for an important business venture. The appearance of the right partner will bring you prosperity.

Main meanings: Putting plans into action and looking out for new opportunities. It can also mean travel, teamwork, co-operation or birth of an enterprise.

The meaning of the inverted card: Negligence or the trust shown to an unworthy person, without attention to detail, can spoil everything, it also means that you waste and do not concentrate your personal energy right. Beware of excessive pride or arrogance. Such behavior can lead you to a fall.

The Three of Wands combines two important images: firstly, it is a man who has come a long and difficult journey and has finally reached the top, and secondly, he is the one to whom a broad view of the surrounding world has been opened from a height. A solid foundation is our support, and the prospect of a bright future, our goal – these are the two meanings of this card.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


You have reached a certain turning point. Beyond this point begins your “land”, which belongs only to you and where you can decide what and how to do, and now you can build your own plans for the future. It combines two aspects – a solid foundation and a broad perspective.


You have reached the top, from which wide horizons are visible. Now when you have accomplished something important in your life, you have climbed to the next summit, you can give yourself a break to see what the future holds for you. The fact that you managed to achieve this goal gives you confidence. Now you know that you can achieve the next goal.

Personal Relationships

Your union is built on a solid, creative foundation that allows you to boldly plan the farthest future. These unions are simple, reliable and rich in creative potencies. If you are still alone, this card means that you have already laid the foundation for a strong relationship with another person, and now it remains only to wait for these relations to be realized.