Two of CupsMutuality

In the picture, we can see a an and a women who are giving vows of eternal love and devotion to each other. The lovers hold cups in their hands and they stretch the cups towards each other. Often, you can see a head of an angel or a lion hovering over the people. Between the cups, on the card is depicted a magical wand with two snakes entwined around it.

This card represents the beginning of love or good acquaintance, the result of which will be the emergence of something new, the ascent to a new level of development of the spirit, the emergence of some kind of new power.

Answering the question about the relationship between partners, it also means friendship and love. In addition, it points to the possibility of the birth of a child. When answering other questions, it also foreshadows not only a favorable outcome of the case, but also the emergence of some new quality, a new direction of development. In practice, thus, it gives a favorable outlook, but this mainly relates to the relationship of two, unlike the Three of Cups, which means the joy of many (family, group, team).

Tip: Appreciate and respect the contribution of both parties to your love relationships. Kindness and mutual respect can connect your hearts together.

Explanation: This card symbolizes a love affair between two people. This can be a normal marriage, an agreement on mutual cooperation or simply a state of harmony, in which two people are feeling happy. This card, embodying balance and understanding, reminds us that thanks to mutual support we will be able to achieve our high goals. The wand depicted on this card was traditionally a staff of Hermes, thus, it symbolizes the balance between Heaven and Earth. The winged lion is a fusion of Spirit and brute force. This card represents the beginning of a new love or friendship, as well as a discussion of positive ideas for the future.

Main meanings: A card of harmony, stability, sharing and co-operation. Describes a good friendship, partnership or romantic relationship where there is equality and trust. Can suggest marriage or deepening of a current relationship. In relation to a business partnership indicates there would be equal benefits for both sides. If there has been a rift between two people than this card can suggest that problems will be healed and peace restored. Making up. Emotional balance.

The meaning of the inverted card: Your relationship has gone wrong. Disagreements create obstacles to progress. Love turned into hatred and despair.

The Two of Cups stands for a connection of lovers. It can be a new acquaintance, reconciliation with the former lover or manifestation of good feelings in an established union. The meaning of this card affects first of all a deeply personal, intimate sphere, no matter what – a light flirtation, sudden falling in love, a date after a long separation or the beginning of a new friendly or love relationship. However, it can mean a warm welcome, hospitality, when we arrive somewhere in unfamiliar places, go on a business trip or for negotiations.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


A good atmosphere, a spirit of camaraderie and cooperation. This card is a symbol of a place where it is pleasant to work. If this card falls out in response to a question about a possible job change, it means that a friendly reception awaits you in a new place, that new colleagues and managers will help to enter the rhythm. The same applies to such intentions as job search, the opening of one’s own company, in general, to any business or project.


Here, the Two of Cups means that we are primarily concerned with love and harmony, and that we are ready to open our soul to other people. Often it means an optimistic, life-affirming view of the world around us, and we should be thankful for this to an important meeting that changed a lot in our soul at the time.

Personal Relationships

This is the main sphere of action of the Two of Cups. This card personifies the period of love, courtship, during a new acquaintance, which changes a lot in life. However, this may be a feeling that has reappeared between former partners, or a bright period of life in an established union, as well as reconciliation after a quarrel or a period of alienation.