Two of PentaclesUps and downs of fortune

In the picture, we can see a young man. The man looks like a clown and he is either dancing or playing, holding two pentacles, which are connected by a cord or thread that forms a sign of infinity, in his hands. In the background, we can see a sea and several ships that are swaying on steep waves, bravely trying to stay afloat.

This is a person who treats life as a game. He is used to change his opinion quickly and constantly try different things, taking any of them seriously: he does not care much about the result – it is good if he succeeds, but it is also okay if he doesn’t. The ships on the waves symbolize violent passions. Although these passions sometimes cover his soul, his mind remains indifferent, he only observes, but does not participate in what is happening.

In the “Tarot of Aquarius” on this card are depicted two quarrelsome women, leading a worthless dispute in which no one is right and no one is wrong.

This card usually means that both possibilities (questions) that a person has to choose from, are equal and whatever he chooses, his situation will not change nor will his mood change. However, it encourages you to look for harmony in your life. Apparently, you have infinite abilities to balance several things at once, your life can easily become chaotic but instead, you should try to be more focused.

An inverted card has a different meaning. It means that it is better to remain just where you are at the moment without changing anything because the changes will be rather unfavorable.

Explanation: It seems like this young man is on the edge of making a decision – he has stuck between the two options and is now trying to make a right choice. The sea is seething; his emotions overflow. However, it seems that he is able to balance the various forces that affect his life, and his dance indicates that he is looking at the situation with fun and does not allow his indecision to suppress him. If you pull out this card, you may find it difficult to move new projects off the ground, but keep acting. It would be useful to show great determination.

Main meanings: Decisions between two alternatives. We may be juggling finances, time, energy, resources.  Borrow from Peter to pay back Paul. Be prepared to take risks and act when opportunities are presented. Having several jobs.

The meaning of the inverted card: There are too many events in your life – you have a lot to do, you will get bad news or your plans will fail.

The Two of Pentacles is a player’s card, but also a card of the person who does not care what decision to take. It shows that we are able to adapt to the vicissitudes of life, and we transfer its ups and downs without unnecessary excitement. Depending on which issue or area of ​​life this card is linked to, it can mean dexterity, communicability, gaiety, spontaneity and non-triviality, or lack of one’s own point of view, compromise, capriciousness and habit of sycophant or condescending. Thus, it covers a vast range of qualities from total lack of will to the wisdom of the royal Jester.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


In this sphere, it indicates flexibility and high adaptability – to the task received, to the working conditions, to the team. It can also mean that we are not too serious, if not frivolously. The card may indicate irresponsibility and complete negligence in the charged case. In its highest sense, it serves as a sign of liberation from a dull “labor service”, routine, from petty care of a piece of bread, thanks to which we can finally, with joy, devote ourselves to something we like doing.


In terms of consciousness, it means that a person is in a state of weightlessness. If it acquires a protracted character, it can lead to deep crises. Thus, this card can mean a great relief after a period of life’s failures and troubles or an irresistible infantilism that does not allow a person to develop his own point of view. On the one hand, it is a symbol of the “trembling creature”, unable to decide anything, on the other – the symbol of humble wisdom of the Jester, who has gone a long way in learning and returned, finally, to the simplicity and impartiality of the child’s worldview.

Personal Relationships

A beautiful period of carefree, unconcerned joy or a period of infantile levity and whims. Which of these sides will manifest itself more strongly depends on our own attitudes and expectations – after all, capriciousness can be regarded as simple-hearted indecision, attractive precisely because of its insecurity.