Two of SwordsStalemate, deadlock

On this card is depicted a young blindfolded woman, who sits on a bench. The woman has crossed her arms over her chest and she is holding two swords in her hands, behind her is seen the sea with sharp rocks. The crescent illuminates her with its light.

It seems like this woman is saying “Do not touch me” because she sits in a defense posture. She does not want to see anything and hopes that she will be left alone, the woman wants to protect herself and her own thoughts and feelings, because they frighten and irritate her. The two swords that woman is holding can symbolize two factors that forced her to take such a pose – to clarify them, you can draw two more cards.

As a rule, this card recommends you to leave a problem or a person alone, do not interfere in the course of things and just rely on the fate, but in an inverted form, it can on the contrary recommend you to take an action, offer your help or take control over the particular situation.

Explanation: This card indicates a shaky balance. The young woman is blindfolded and this suggests that she does not want to face some of the obstacles that have arisen on her path – they are represented by stones protruding from the water. However, her posture shows calm detachment and patience. By pulling out this card, you feel the need to balance your rational and intuitive abilities with a lack of courage necessary to break the deadlock into which you have been led. Perhaps you will try to protect yourself from someone, although, in fact, no one is threatening you. This card indicates future problems, unless you decide on the direction of your movement.

Main meanings: A tense situation. The need to choose between two alternatives. Being blindfolded to the truth will only create stagnation. Can’t see forward or backward.  Resolution of emotional conflicts will help you in making a clear decision. If you have been hurt in a relationship, be kind to yourself and allow yourself time for healing and learning from the experience.  Not the best time to rush into another relationship. Try to combine thoughts and emotions in decisions. Face your fears so that you can understand what circumstances are trying to teach you.

The meaning of the inverted card: Beware of unscrupulous people, you are free to continue the movement, but the danger is still close, and you should do all your work with great care.

This card indicates situations in which a person is covered with strong, literally gnawing doubts. Sometimes it is a desperate attempt to strain all your intellect to work out a position and find a way to a solution. However, true conviction arises only when we are aware of the problem and at the level of the senses and this area of ​​the subconscious (on the card – the symbols of the sea and the moon) was cut off from everything else. Crossed swords are the boundaries of the intellect, closing the access to it. Thus, the card embodies the unpleasant situation that we find ourselves in when we rely too much on our logic, refusing to listen to our inner voice. The Two of the Swords is the opposite of the Priestess, her relationship with which resembles the sitting position of both. The blue tones, which embody the intuition of the Priestess, are pushed into the background. A female figure in a gray mantle, perhaps, symbolizes the colorlessness of thought, and empty reasoning.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


We have reached the point at which our logic no longer helps us to choose the next scope of action, but we stubbornly do not dare to rely on our intuition. Of course, it never hurts to think over the details of a current problem or situation but if we continue to suppress our feelings, we will never find a solution to the problem.


The card speaks of excellent analytical skills. This is a card of intelligence that can help a person to gradually, in parts, understand the most complicated problems. While the road to the sea, which symbolizes integrity, remains closed, we can build only more and more puzzling speculative constructions, perhaps even brilliant ones, but we will never reach peace with ourselves.

Personal Relationships

In this field, the Two of Swords stands for an internal discord, skepticism, unwillingness or inability to make a choice, make the final decision. A state close to critical, because the union of the two partners is based on feelings of love, affinity and affection, and the poison of doubt undermines these foundations. The only salvation in this situation is often a sharp break. However, this tool can only be used as an extreme measure: you can not get used to it in any case.