Two of WandsOpportunity

A man, often clothed as a scientist, stands on the roof or the balcony of the castle and observes the surrounding landscape – he sees the sea, mountains, and a village. In his right hand, he has a reduced model of the globe, in the left – a rod. There is another rod next to a wall.

This man has achieved everything he wanted. However, to achieve all his goals and dreams, he did not have to start a new life or seek for a new world – he has stayed exactly where he used to be and became the master of his own world. He has experienced the fame, wealth, power, got everything he wanted – and suddenly he felt emptiness because he never knew why he would need all of this. Now, he wants life to bring him satisfaction again. He has to change his system of values that once seemed so important for him and now don’t mean a thing.

This card often suggests a person to think about whether it is worth taking on the implementation of the planned case: it will work out, but will it bring you satisfaction or only lead to a disappointment?

Thus, it means that your goals are achievable. However, they will take a lot of effort and time. In this case, the conceived usually refers to the field of intellectual or creative work – writing a dissertation, completing work on a book, a play, a picture, a plan, etc.

An inverted card means that you have to spend lots of effort and time to achieve your goals. However, the result is doubtful.

Explanation: This card represents achievements in business – soon a person is going to get an advantageous contract or a new business partnership. Your plans will bear fruit. You have considerable ability and forethought, but in order to succeed, you also need to demonstrate perseverance. This card can also symbolize human kindness and interest in science.

Main meanings: It is about decisions. The weighing up of alternatives in order to choose the best course of action – it recommends you to approach decision prior to the action. Staying or leaving – relocation? A period of waiting.

The meaning of the inverted card: All the useful efforts expended on the project planned by you, can lead to nothing. Be careful and patient. Try not to let other people dominate you.

This card connects in itself a statement of fact and at the same time a challenge: it shows that we want to maintain a neutral indifferent position but the situation forces us to speak directly and unequivocally. The situations that correspond to this card often resemble deadlocks. On the objective level, there is nothing that we could consider to be the cause of our loss, defeat or bad mood, but here they are, and we do not know what exactly knocked us out of the rut. The thing is that we were tired of participating in the outer life, and we locked ourselves away from it in another ivory tower.

What does this card tell about different aspects of your live


Here this card means that we really do not care what we do. We do our job, just to get it off our hands. It can also mean that in the next conflict, we are going to demonstratively take an absolutely neutral position or we stand on the side of the majority because we really do not care who is right and who is wrong. We are paying for this with our internal void, which over time can lead to a complete depression. This card urges us to check whether our internal regulations are still correct.


Here the Two of Wands shows that we are in a state of some lethargy, we can get rid of it only by putting our words into action and if we are to declare something, we must act accordingly, so that our words do not remain empty.

Personal Relationships

Retreat to “pre-prepared positions” of a person who does not need anything, who does not have any feelings. It is dangerous. At the same time, our words can be full of passion, but nothing stands behind them. The danger is that such an alliance, devoid of inner heat, begins to wither away and then the Two of Wands recommends that we finally make a choice: either we do everything for the sake of preserving the union or we immediately tear it apart, letting go of our partner.