What Types of Psychic Abilities Exist?

People are curious and always wanted to glimpse into their future. Today, abilities like telepathy, psychometry, palm or aura readings, dowsing, astrological readings, and so on, can all be considered as psychic predictions; also methods of intangible non-physical effects on objects, organisms or physical phenomena (telekinesis, psychokinesis, etc.) can be attributed to this category. Psychic reading are defined as ability to read people’s past, predict future and influence fate, basing only on intuition and senses, without knowing any exact facts.

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Top 3 most Famous Types of Psychic Readings

  • Tarot Card Readings

This kind of psychic readings assumes that one or several Tarot cards, that person randomly selected from the deck, can predict future or contain symbolic response to questions that person asked verbally or mentally. The majority of modern fortune-tellers agree that Tarot card readings can’t give exact answer to your questions, provide some specific information (account or phone number, number of items, etc.), as well as answer questions, that are assuming definite answer “yes” or “no.” They also agree that Tarot cards are able to predict course of events. Tarot explains underlying causes of events and motives of other people actions. Despite some disagreement between experts in this field, people believed in magical properties of Tarot cards for centuries, they believe that by turning to Tarot fortune-teller you will find out the most possible course of events and this way influence their fate.

  • Chiromancy or Palm Readings

This type of psychic ability can be called mirror of the soul. It appeared ages ago and is still popular because it is considered that person’s hands, just like his eyes, are hiding huge amount of information about character and destiny.   

Thus, since ancient times, palm readings are considered as key to unlocking secrets that help determine person’s destiny, reveal mysteries from the past, tell about events that are happening in present and anticipate what influence person’s actions today will have on his future.

Human’s palm can tell about different aspects of life. You can get prediction about your career, love, money, etc. Thanks to palm reading, you can get chance to fix some mistakes that you’ve done in your life, get good advice on certain situation,  get ready for unexpected accidents and events. In addition, when you are aware about what awaits you in your nearest future, you will be able to control situation, have more time to make important decisions, use your knowledge as advantage and minimize risks of being caught unawares.

  • Numerology

Numerology is an ancient science that studies numbers and their meanings in our life. This science opened to us unprecedented opportunities; with its help we can discover new talents in ourselves or simply understand what decision to make and where to go next. It is a magical tool that will help you to understand better yourself and your family, because numerology allows you to see complete picture of certain person in all its diversity, discover all positive and negative sides of character. How does numerology work? Every subject has unique energy. If you can find out what energy has certain subject (it can be even name or birth date), you can learn about its properties and destiny. In our century of technical progress, people can ask about their fate in special online chat readings, and without leaving their home find out what forecast they have for their nearest future.